We should all be watching the presitential debates. Whether we are democrat, republican, independent or unregistered, some things that are all too evident to each and every one of us are that over the last 20 years the economy is hurting, unemployment is out of control, things are not fair, washington can’t work together, people are suffering, 46 million are now living in poverty, the housing market has crashed, our schools and infastructure are deteriorating and our country is falling apart. The Northeast, Texas, Joplin and other areas  have been hit by disasters and the family’s, farms and small businesses there have taken a hard hit with mass losses of crops, jobs and thousands of homes destroyed.

There are many bricks in the foundation of America. Our people, freedom, education, liberty, civil rights, infastructure, employment and the abilty to continually improve our great nation are a few that come to mind.  Without a strong foundation this country will continue to fall apart.

During the last 3 presidential debates we have seen the audience cheer at executions, cheer about letting a 30 year old person die beacuse he can’t afford health care and BOO directly in the face of a soldier serving in Iraq because he is gay, even though he has his life on the line to protect us and our Freedom! And that is one thing that no matter how bad things are that we can never loose.

Not one candidate on the stage had the decency or the care for their fellow countrymen to say to the audience as a leader, do not cheer at anothers misfortune, help thy neighbor and never Boo in the face of an American soldier who is fighting to protect our freedom. It’s not very presidential in a presidential debate. It showed a serious lack of leadership along with the disregard of human life and civil rights.

While all this is going on, while the candidates spout off with incorrect facts and punch Barack Obama and themselves in the faces… Barack Obama has created 2.9 million jobs, saving our great auto industry and infastructure with the stimulous. He is introducing jobs plans, job training programs, incentives for companies to hire, offering companies benefits for hiring veterans, offering health care options, killing Osama Bin Laden, fixing immigration, bettering our educational system, bringing troops out of Iraq, repealing bad laws that do not favor our civil rights and introducing good spending cuts, tax and entitlement reform to close our deficit and save our entitlements that we earned.

My father was a Viet Nam veteran well educated and belonged to a great Republican party that he loved and a party that had ideals, and stood for something. He passed away 14 years ago but I know he would tell me today that the party is not the same one he belonged to. They have lost touch with their values, lost the ability to compromise and most importantly lost touch with the American people. You know, those of us that gave them their JOB in the first place.  The presidential candidates are giving us non fact talking points and offering plans to help corporations over people by giving Walmart & Exxon tax breaks while regular American people especially our middle class are hurting. They are talking about limiting government spending while building a fence on the boarder with tax payer money and then spending again to have it manned. In the mean time we can’t even drive on many of the roads in this country. They talk about limiting government in our lives and proteting civil rights but want to put DADT back on the books, try to overturn Roe V Wade and vaccinate little girls.  That does not sound like limiting government unless they are speaking about limiting the parts of government that actualy help people. They are talking about re-instituting laws that take away or civil rights all while their fellow party members in Washington are holding disaster relief aide hostage for families in need. If the candidates are right that these corporations are job creators then why for the last ten years while they enjoy these tax breaks have they not created any jobs?  Barack Obama has saved or help create as many jobs in 3 years in a bad economy then George Bush did in an entire 8 years with his tax breaks for his rich friends.

Its clear to me who won the presidential debates and it was the candidate who was not even on stage!  Barack Obama won the debates. He is not doing press confrences and sitting around. He is out on the road talking to the poeple to see what OUR needs are, introducing bipartisan and balanced plans to dig us out of a 20 year hole that others before him helped create. It’s not too hard to figure out why a majority of the American people agree with him either. His plans are plans for the people, plans to make a better nation for all of us, and plans that do not favor corporations over people and protect our civil rights.  Its clear to see what candidate cares about our futures, has compassion for the people and will institute policies for a better world.  Until another candidate can show me that they care, can lead, have respect for us and our troops and actually has a plan that favors PEOPLE, civil rights, freedom, education, infastructure and JOBS over coddling the super rich and corporations who are laying people off while they hide their money oversees, then its clear to me who I am going to vote for. The candidate who actually won the debates.