You don’t need to know my party, (it would ruin the point I am trying to make in this article). What I will tell you is that I am 34, self employed and I am a fellow countryman who will be left to deal with the effects of this current political mess in the future. What’s worse is my income depends on the housing market and banks.

We are all struggling through the same recession. It is crucial to make good choices.  So why can’t our politicians (who seem to be in a political war with each other right now) agree to disagree politely, and make decisions that serve the best interests of the greater good, without making digs or disparaging their fellow politicians in the process?

Here we are over a year away from election and politicians are already making low and unnecessary blows at one another, about things that don’t even have anything to do with the issues we Americans face today. Not only that, (and this is directed at far too many politicians today) We don’t care what you think of your colleagues, we just want to know you can all work together and be diplomatic to get things done. Answer our questions. We want to know what issues you went against your party on, to protect the general public.  We want to know your ideas, we want to know that you can form opinions of your own, what is true to your heart, that you actually care and that you can think of America as a whole. Listen to each other, if a good idea gets put on the table, who cares what party it came from? If its a good idea for the people, embrace it!

Don’t get me wrong, debate is good and healthy in fact, but its not the time to debate now, it’s time to unite!  The future of our great nation depends on it.

Its time to focus on the things we ALL agree on, whether we are conservative or liberal.  We all come from a lot of different places, lead different lifestyles and make different choices. At the end of the day though, we all want the same things.

Sometimes you have to make a few compromises and choose hamburger for dinner tonight instead of the porter house steak that you really wanted? Or, close a loophole here and there.

Much like politicians, I negotiate on behalf of other people everyday. I can tell you from years of experience if BOTH sides don’t bend a little, the deal is dead in the water. There is an art to negotiation and I think some politicians fail to remember that sometimes, the best deal for everyone, is when neither side is 100% happy in the end.

With all due respect, even a small child has the sense to know that if they have only one cookie, and their friend wants one too, that they should break it in half and share it.  This is stuff we all learned in kindergarten.

There are Democrats and Republicans and a political spectrum with a left and a right, for a very good reason, and in my opinion, that reason is to have a center! A commonplace, a meeting ground. My point is, unless you implement the best ideas and values of both the left and the right, on the real issues, then the Country and its people will never be truly balanced.

The liberals and the conservatives need to find the center of this spectrum and have a meeting there! Put their party aside and remember just exactly who they are supposed to be working for. And that is us, the general public.

I am not a registered independent.  I am registered, I do vote and I do belong to and believe in one side more than the other. But Whether I belong to the left or the right, let me ask you honestly, does that really even matter?  When I see a politician go against their party on an issue that is important to the well being of the general public. I look at that politician whether a Democrat or a Republican, as someone to respect, as someone to listen to, as someone who like me, a registered (blank) can sometimes find the center.

The fact is, America is broke. So looking at our current situation with the best interests of ALL at stake and looking at this with an open mind and without the party I belong to being a factor. Barack’s Jobs Act is balanced, it makes sense (if you are thinking of America as a whole) Think of it this way. If you are flying a plane that has a right wing bigger then the left its going to eventually come crashing down.